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Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services

A lot of us like to things on our own. But there are times that we need to call professionals into do services for us. Take carpets for example. We can rent machines and try and do them ourselves but it seems we can never get them as clean as we would like to.

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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Garden Grove, California has a low level of pollution as compared to the surrounding cities. Yet, the residents here have to deal with dirty and unclean carpets. Many of them wonder why the carpets get dirty so soon after they have been sent to a residential carpet cleaning company.

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Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning

Sofa cleaning is a mundane chore for Garden Grove homeowners. In fact, it is so insignificant that a majority of them don’t even think about it. It takes for a spill or major stain on the sofa to bring their attention towards it.

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Superior carpet cleaning services done by experts

Here you can find the smartest carpet cleaning answers to all your questions about methods and products.

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions pages. We created this page to provide you with efficient and effective solutions for a variety of frequently asked questions. The resources and answers were created by the specialists in the field. Rest assured that our words are reliable!

Cleaning solvents - do they harm the carpet's colors?

There are different types of carpet cleaning solvents sold in stores today, and they are generally divided into organic and synthetic variants. Carpet Cleaning Garden Grove technicians note that some carpet cleaning solvents and solutions may affect the rug's colorfastness, as well as harm the rug's stain-resistant properties. Before applying any solvent, test the product on a small spot or area first, to check if it's safe on the rug, and it doesn't discolor the carpet's fabric.

Do I have to move furniture before carpet cleaning?

It is necessary to move all furniture that is stepping on your carpets before carpet cleaning. Carpet crews recommend, though, that some delicate fixtures may not be moved thoroughly such as electronics, cabinets with china, large beds, dressers with mirrors, and pianos. These things will require your effort to remove them when possible to prevent delicate components to break down. Also, fragile items that have been put in your furniture such as potted plants, lamps and other decorations must be removed first before moving the large piece.

Can carpet cleaning get rid of fleas?

Dust mites, carpet cleaning professionals in Garden Grove can handle, but not so much with fleas, particularly adult ones. It is recommended that fleas are taken care of by other means, such as hiring an exterminator, as these pests are likely to infect other areas of the house, including upholstery. Once completed, carpet cleaning can commence.

Will maintenance help me keep carpets longer?

Yes, carpet maintenance in combination with frequent vacuuming and stain removal will help you keep carpets for longer. With maintenance, the whole surface of the carpet will be inspected and deeply cleaned. Dust mite as well as stubborn stains will be removed. The fibers will be stronger and more resistant and their colors will be brighter for longer. Maintenance is required once a year.

Is beating out rugs a good idea?

This is a simple and effective way to remove dust from rugs, but you should know that it cannot replace vacuuming and deep cleaning. You can beat small rugs out every couple of months. Take the item outside. Place it on a line for drying clothes and make gentle yet sufficiently powerful strokes with a specially designed beater or a broomstick with long bristles.

Can nail polish spilled on the carpet be treated with remover?

You must not treat the spilled compound with a nail polish remover which contains acetone. Acetone can damage both the dye and fibers of the carpet. The damage is can cause can be very difficult and sometimes even impossible to fix. It is best if a specially formulating stain removing product is used.

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